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Rather than suffer the embarrassment of a public vote, the applicant has withdrawn their variance request completely. This is a tremendous win for the entire community and we are very thankful for the outstanding support given. This is no small defeat. The echoes of this event will be felt throughout New Jersey and will assist other communities in their efforts against industrial scale solar power plants near residential areas.


Strategy team member David Van Camp has offered his assistance as a point of contact if you have questions or you are attempting to fight an installation in your area. He can be reached at:  

Latest News (updated Thursday, 15 Sep 2013):

Letter to NJ Board of Public Utilities concerning Florence Township Solar Projects.

This is an excellent summary and may help other communities put large-scale solar grid projects into context.


Final media coverage of applicant withdrawal:

Solar WHITEPAPER Trenton Times

Solar WHITEPAPER Bulington County Times

Solar WHITEPAPER  Register News

Solar WHITEPAPER  Register News article about pending Florence Ordinance


Letter to the President, NJ Board of Public Utilities


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Historical Context of CAPV:

(The narrative below has been presented since the initial formation of Citizens Against Florence Photovoltaic)

The CAFPV site is for sharing information about a proposed major construction project to build a 26.3 Megawatt solar array on farmland in the township of Florence, NJ. In addition to Florence residences and their high school, the site also borders the Steeplechase development in Burlington Township. This is a massive undertaking that will certainly have a huge impact upon the landscape of this community from a visual, economic and environmental standpoint. The proposed array is one of the largest in the state. It is definitely the largest solar plant on any record we can find that is this close to a large residential area. Please contact us if your research finds otherwise.

A company called Renew Tricity of Ridgefield Park, Bergen County has formed a Limited Liability Corporation (LLC) called "Florence PV" to act on behalf of the land owner in order to obtain a Land Use Variance for industrial use of active farmland in Florence Township. This newly formed LLC is headed by Mr. Kenneth Bob, Chief Operation Officer of company RenewTricity. The permit that RenewTricity acts upon to sell power back to PSE&G comes from a multinational energy company, Renovalia.  This is a large, multi-level deal.

A variance authorizes a use not normally permitted by the zoning ordinance. While variances are common for things like swimming pools and fences, a 26.3 MW, 110 thousand cell, 137 acre solar array on fertile farmland close to a community is certainly a provocative request. Power plants of this magnitude are typically located far from residential areas. This industrial project begins just feet from residences in Florence and Burlington Township. There will be high voltage warnings and more than 20 structures to house maintenance equipment, fans and inverters. According to Evan Hill of Innovative Engineering, there will be heat, glare, noise, an 8 foot chain link fence, motion activated lights, and monitoring systems.  We will be disrupted for up to a year with construction. To hide this behemoth project, Florence PV promises trees along the property lines. They say, "Minimal impact, no detriment." We disagree.

It has remained very clear from beginning that residents strongly oppose this project for health, safety, environmental, aesthetic and other reasons. We are not opposed to responsible applications of solar technology. We are opposed to the industrial use of this land. It is in direct opposition to the NJ Master Energy Plan. It will take diligence and action from the community to ensure this project never sees a ray of sunshine.

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Concerned citizens are invited to browse this site for more information.

Here is our beautiful community:


Here was their vision of our future, 110,576 panels... A Twenty Six MEGAWATT power plant: